Superyacht in Cyprus

Dec 29

​Since 1854 Baglietto have been building boats and ships of outstanding quality and this 23M2 is a brilliant example.


 Baglietto Superyachts are known for their sleek and modern exterior design, state-of-the-art technology and impeccable Italian style, and looking at this one makes it is easy to understand how they built such a reputation.
Originally built in 1983 this yacht has been through a total refurbishment in 2008 at the Baglietto shipyard in Greece which included stripping her back to bare metal and repainting by Yachting Protection, the leading yacht painting application company in Europe.
Both engines went through a ‘W6’ overhaul, this is a major engine overhaul requiring the complete engine disassembly. She was also fitted with new generators and auxiliary machinery such as the watermaker, submarine type batteries, chargers etc. and to complete the refit she was re-decked.
The total cost of the refurbishment was approximately € 1,000,000.
She is now constantly maintained and pampered by ‘Spyros’, her live aboard caretaker, so everything on this yacht is kept in excellent condition.

The good news is that She's being auctioned in January as part of the Auction The boats 1983 vintage and in 2008 this boat was treated to a total refurbishment at the Baglietto shipyard in Greece.

She was originally custom built for Baron John von Neumann who made his fortune distributing Porsche and Volkswagen automobiles in the southwestern states of the USA and was a great lover of Baglietto Yachts. According to the Baron, “a boat is not a house but a vehicle and a vehicle must move quickly.” His yachts made their way into Nancy Holmes book ‘The Dream Boats: Beautiful people on their beautiful yachts’ in 1976 and certainly fulfilled the baron’s desire for speed. Speaking of the baron, Pietro Baglietto said: “This customer is a truly demanding perfectionist.” The baron’s different yachts, whose names reflect his attraction to Native American culture, have very special characteristics. Opting for militaristic grey liveries, interior layouts were redesigned with the galley aft and salon amidships, in order to gain greater intimacy and privacy. The baron also specified a small number of cabins when considering the yacht’s sizes, indicating he had a very clear idea of how he intended to use his yachts. This one has 3 double berths, all en-suite with a further 3 berths & bathroom available for crew members.
Anyone with a flair for interior design could turn her into something really outstanding and you could posses your own ‘historical’ superyacht for a fraction of the true value, as she really is priced to sell.

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